Augmented Service Offerings

We believe that in a couple of years every physical product (running shoes, toothbrushes, bicycles, coffee machines, kitchen utensils, scales, drilling machines, you name it…) will be combined with a digital mobile service (loyalty, brand building, value adds, support, up/x-sell, …) that will enhance the product experience all-up.

This will unlock huge potential not only for advertising, but for new products itself. Therefore, the lines between product and advertising will blur and something new will evolve: augmented service offerings.

We are strategically focusing on this area as we are convinced it is where a mobile device can be most powerful in transforming entire customer experiences. If you’re ready for the future, post a photo to instagram with the hashtag #iconmobile-will-make-me-awesome and we’ll send you a surprise.


Product Experiences

We design and implement UIs for all kinds of mobile products and devices, from mobile phones to in-car systems. our skills go from research and strategy/concepting to UX and visual design to user testing to bulletproof specification to prototyping and full implementation as apps, HTML or native builds on many different platforms (mostly in that order).

To give you some examples: we designed the very first color icons for the Sony Ericsson T610, the next-gen Android UI for one of the big handset makers, the dashboard UI for next year’s #1 luxury sports sedan and the first full-touch UI for a whole product line of microwaves and ovens. been there, done that.


Mobile Marketing

We plan, concept, design, build, run, analyze and optimize mobile marketing and loyalty programs.

End deliverables can be mobile ads, m-sites, apps, sms/mms programs, m-wallets/coupons, demos, and in-store activation.  These can be stand alone or integrated into digital, TV, print, out-of-home retail and events.

We continually push what mobile can do for your brand, both from a customer and technical perspective.  Our decade long experience in mobile design and mobile web technology, combined with our strategic planning, creative and development chops = awesomeness!  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to toss around some ideas with you.


blizzmo™ Platform

blizzmo is one of the most advanced channel enabling platforms, supporting server based responsive design. blizzmo has a strong focus on delivering the best possible user experience for the widest range of mobile devices. These devices include mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers, game consoles and in-car systems. blizzmo enables brands to reach their target audience anytime, anywhere.

International brands like Microsoft or BMW have selected blizzmo, because it is the only platform that could integrate with their existing infrastructure on a timely basis and with the required level of quality.
By having blizzmo in place, companies may benefit from a huge repository of existing modules and global device support.

With blizzmo SiteManager, anyone familiar with creating web pages can learn quickly and effortlessly in just a few hours how to produce visually attractive mobile sites. The web-based editing environment enables designers to rapidly create and publish mobile sites that are instantly accessible from the overwhelming majority of handsets.



NEWS - Jan 03

iconmobile and Henkel team up @CES2018

Henkel Beauty Care and iconmobile are reinventing the salon of the future -- revolutionizing personalized hair care via cutting-edge digital technology. Every head of hair is unique, and now hair care can be too.


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